We are Located in the heart of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. The M. B. Motor Body Builders , manufacturing facility is fully geared to meet the needs of its demanding customers. Having latest production equipment and best possible materials & skilled workers we actually practice flexible manufacturing which is to produce custom-specific, tailor-made Buses & coaches.

To provide better services to the customers across the country, we have developed a well- established communication network which links all our people, corporate office and manufacturing facility, thereby ensuring a speedy response to customer's requirements.

M. B. Motor Body Builders  has always focused on understanding, meeting & satisfying customers needs. Our approach to build tailor- made buses & coaches has made us build a strong bond with our customers.

We believe in developing team work & relationship of truthful trust with the entire chain of Customers, suppliers & our production people.

Such a unique relationship has helped us in delivering the best value to our customers and being the customer's preferred choice for all type of buses & coaches.